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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's Real Tomato Season!

Each year during June I eagerly check the Farmers' Markets for signs of heirloom tomatoes. Well, I was busy during mid-June this year, but I went off to the Saturday market to say hi to Biggles and found that, despite the late rains, that the heirlooms were starting to appear.

They aren't in their full glory yet (a couple of weeks should do that) but here are some of the ones that came home with me:


There was exactly one ripe Brandywine at the stand; the Black Prince and the yellow ones were recommended by the seller. The little Sungold cherry tomatoes were quite toothsome as well.

I had a tomato sandwich, which wasn't as divine as I expected because the tomatoes were still a wee bit off prime. But the tomatoes took quite well to the mild doctoring in Pasta with Marinated Tomatoes and Goat Cheese, with some farmer's market basil, of course! I ate a large bowl and then ate the small container I'd prepared for my lunch the next day because it tasted soooo gooood.

I got the extra-large jar of capers at Genova Deli just in time, it seems.

I'm still having camera upload "issues" (gotta get a new cable) so you won't see the work-in-progress until I do.

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