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Saturday, May 26, 2007

... tap, tap ...

Is this thing on?

Well, I have now joined the ranks of the "cool kids" and become the Featured Local Blogger in a news feature. I was interviewed by the Oakland Tribune for their piece on vegan cooking. The featured recipe was Josephine's Lenten Chocolate Cake, from Sam's"I can't believe I ate vegan!" IMBB contest.

It's not a full-on book tour (with segment on the Today Show!), a full above-the-fold pic in the Chron like Sam, a photo spread/byline in the NYT (like the ever-fabulous Pim), or an appearance on a nationally-syndicated NPR program (say hi to Clotilde, Pim, and Guy), but I still feel "special".

I also learned that there is a vegan donut shop in Berkeley now - it's in part of the old Eclair bakery on Telegraph just south of Dwight. Charlotte Bob plans to check it out.

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