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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Middle Eastern Chopped Salad

Since I plugged Ranee's hummus on this blog, I have learned that she has set up her own food blog, Tales from the Kitchen, so that her food posts don't take over her knitting-and-other-stuff blog.

I'm going to attempt pita bread from her recipe again soon (the first time turned out well, but it was a lot of work), but to go with the hummus (and, sadly, store-bought pita) for lunches/dinners this week, I made some of her Middle Eastern chopped salad (she calls it ME "salsa cruda"). This made a large dish worth, so I will be eating off it for most of the week and it is nice and light.

Middle Eastern Chopped Salad
from Ranee Mueller

1-2 regular cucumbers (peeled and seeded) or 1 small English cuke (peeled, seeding optional)
3-4 roma tomatoes
1 sweet bell pepper (I like yellow for color contrast but red is ok)
About 1/2 pound feta cheese
About 1/2 pound drained weight good quality pitted Kalamata olives
Chopped Italian parsley - at least 1/2 cup volume
Juice of one lemon

Chop veggies into usefully small bits (no larger than thumbnail is good) and toss in a bowl. Chop olives roughly and crumble cheese. Toss crumbled cheese, olives, and parsley in. Add salt/pepper/lemon to taste. If you hold this salad it will throw off liquid, but it keeps for a while in the fridge.

A great way to eat this is:

Open a pita
Load with salad
Spoon in some hummus on top of this


sounds great can't wait to try it
Oh, this sounds so good! It reminds me of one of the more surreal dining experiences I've ever had...eating an authentic Saudi meal of chicken, rice and chopped salad with my college chum, her then-boyfriend from Saudi Arabia, and about 10 of his male friends, all of us sitting on my friend's living-room floor...the men all speaking to one another in Arabic, and the two of us -- especially me -- feeling very marginalized and uncomfortable. The food was swell, though. And their salad was a lot like this, but without the cheese.
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