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Sunday, March 26, 2006

One a penny, two a penny ...

hot cross buns.

I have the meshugginah notion that I will make hot cross buns for the parish Easter breakfast. It is meshugginah because I will spend most of Saturday at the church, not home in my kitchen, can guarantee that I will be exhausted when I get home, and need to be at the church around 5 am on Easter.

But I pulled several recipes from rec.food.cooking and am going through them. My first batch tasted ok, but taught me that 1) I didn't want to make them too small and 2) they don't look right if they aren't egg glazed before baking. That batch is going to end up as bread pudding.

The second batch (slightly different recipe) came out more to my liking. I will see how they taste tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, not cooking much ... low energy. Not even reading food blogs much. Trader Joe's has been my friend.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Still alive ...

but not cooking much. The only big food news is that I made truffles for the church evensong reception (the guest artist is a special friend of the congregation) and the crowd went wild.

I did discover that Fatapple's bakery now sells something they call "Ollallieberry twists", which is o-berries and custard in a puff pastry container. What's not to like?

Also, Trader Joe's now sells New Mexico style "bowl of green" in its frozen case. I was able to put together a pretty good insta-meal with it, some of their "just microwave the container" baby zukes, and a can of pinto beans.