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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Food Bloggers' Picnic, and more

Before I completely forget here, I was part of the Second Annual Food Blogger's Picnic. It was at the fab Owen's house in Lafayette - pool, deck, the works.

I was a bit tired because I had gotten very sunburned at the Giants game the day before (how often do people get sunburned in San Francisco, eh?) and had done coffee hour at the church that morning.

I brought Kahlua truffles, and they unfortunately melted in the heat after a certain time. (I scalded some more cream and mixed it in the leftovers..)

The food, and the company, was fabulous.

Pictures here (thanks pengrin) (I got there late ... now I see why Guy was teasing Sam about "muffins"), a nice writeup by Sam, the always delightful Bunrabs, Kim, Amy, and Shuna.

It was great to schmooze with people. I renewed acquaintance with people I had met previously and met some new folks. Amy, when she learned that I had been surviving off Trader Joe's due to illness, reminded me that I should blog Trader Joe's. Point taken. I will say that the delicious pan bagnat at the event inspired me to make my own on Monday night, although I was a bit tired after making peanut butter cup cookies, banana bread and a blueberry lemon bundt cake I found on epicurious for coffee hour. And scooping the truffles.

This week has unfortunately seen a return of my, erm, need to consume plain food but I have been enjoying tomato sandwiches and various things on herb foccacia (bought at TJ's).