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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

End of Summer Comfort Food

Today (or was it yesterday) was the first day of Fall, although usually around here we are really just kicking into our summer like weather at the time. We got an early intro to the rainy season on Sunday, which does not bode well for the tomato supply. (They usually stop appearing after the rains start, and there was hail up in the Valley.)

I did make one of my favorite summer comfort food dishes, which can actually be done with roasted Romas "off season" (much to my delight). I got this originally from Janet Fletcher's "Pasta Harvest". I eyeball quantities.

Marinated Tomato with Goat Cheese Pasta

For each person, slice some excellent tomatoes very thinly into a serving bowl of some sort. The equivalent of one big beefsteak per person is good. I particularly like Brandywines in this.

Put a couple of tablespoons of good olive oil and a crushed clove of garlic or two in each bowl. Stir a little and let marinate.

Get some fresh goat cheese out and slice off a couple of slices for each person.

Heat up water and boil pasta. I like fusilli or farfalle for this. Original recipe had spaghetti.

Wash and slice some fresh basil leaves. Tear or cut in chiffonade. Use about a handful for each dish.

Just before the noodles are done, crumble about half the goat cheese in the dish. Place the hot drained noodles in and immediately top with the rest. Toss vigorously to coat. The cheese should melt.

Add the basil and a spoonful of capers. Serve.

No photos because when I made it, it didn't look great. It's tasty, though.

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