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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A good reason to Buy Local

I have a young friend at the church who is allergic to dairy. His name is Patrick and he is in first grade. He is a good kid and a pretty good sport about things. I have started using Earth Balance in some of my baking so he can have something to snack on. (I have also learned what common kid snacks have dairy in them or not. I can report that Nilla wafers are safe for the Sunday school.) I also passed along the Lenten Chocolate Cake recipe to his folks.

When I was chatting with his mom at a Christmas party, I got good news: Patrick is only allergic to *cow* milk.

So he can eat goat cheese and yogurt and other good things like that. They are regular customers at the Redwood Hills Farms booth at the Berkeley Farmer's Market.

Hearing about Redwood Farm's generosity to my friend Patrick inspired me to visit the stall when I was finally well enough to get to the market today. I bought some feta (I'm making pizza for the annual meeting and if Paddy shows up I want him to be able to eat some) and a yogurt, just to try it out.

And you know what? When he heard I was a Friend of Patrick, he gave me an extra goat yogurt ... for Patrick.

Isn't that great!?! Support your local farmer's market!

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