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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Easter Run-Up

12 dozen peanut butter cup cookies - done, to be delivered to church tonight

4 dozen mini-quiches (asparagus and goat cheese) - done, to be delivered

(Why, yes, all the pans I found myself with after Christmas have come in handy.)

Banana bread - in progress (raisins done, bananas defrosted, might do tonight or tomorrow am)

Punch materials - purchased

Before I leave tonight:

start boiling eggs for hard-boiled eggs and fridge

Still to make:

hummus for roll-ups
roasted peppers for roll-ups
roll-ups (ham and chutney, hummus and roasted red bell)
hard-boiled eggs

Sound delicious! You should come and show us some of your recipes at The Vegan Festival in Bristol it's going to awesome.

Tony - Vegan News
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