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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bites and Nibbles

I am still not cooking much, although I have ventured into the area of preparing some (very basic) food for myself. I'm almost back up to something resembling "real" food prep. (Trader Joe's has really been my friend lately.)

A few observations:

I went to Poulet on Shattuck for the first time in forever because Shuna is doing the desserts there these days. I missed out on the caramel cake (that would have been a great way to go off the no-sugar wagon) but the lemon cream was great. I also liked the classic chicken salad.

My crispy Baja taco search in the area is over: La Calaca Loca is it.

Another thing that Bake Sale Betty does to perfection is toasted pecan shortbread.

I was glad I made the effort to make a whackload of truffles for Dave's visit, as that meant I had some left over when Elissa came.

Yeah, ain't Poulet bitchen?

And that's such a nice pretty part of Berkeley to be in. I was a little sad when I left because I forgot to hit up Virgina Bakery. I heard a rumor they had strawberry pie and was interested.

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