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Monday, February 20, 2006

Pasta Fazool for 120 (with leftovers)


50 cans cannellini beans (from the Alameda County Community food bank ... boy, was that a lucky find, given what I already had in mind. Look, ma, no soaking.)
One bag onions from Costco (chopped ... the first volunteer to arrive was Tricia, an ex-caterer, and she had those whipped in no time. It was a joy to watch.)
Two costco bags celery hearts (chopped)
about 20 lb Aidell's andouille sausage (from food bank), sliced
About 15 lb rotini, cooked (from food bank ... it was a 33 lb box so I don't know how much we really used)
6 huge cans tomato sauce (from costco ... I would get more if I did this again)
4 cans Progresso crushed tomatoes from Safeway
3 huge cans diced tomatoes from costco (again, I would get more if I did this again, probably a total of 12 cans sauce-and-diced)

The Plan

- Make tomato sauce with sauce, diced, celery, onions, spices

- Open bean cans, drain and dump into tomato sauce. Simmer.

- Add sausage (reserve one pot for vegetarians)

- Boil up pasta, drain, add to tomato mix - it will absorb liquid.

To serve with:

two boxes apples (free from food bank)
2 jars parmesan cheese (from costco)
coffee (from costco)
bottled water (from food bank)
salad (costco mix, homemade dressing)
garlic bread (bread donated by The Bread Workshop, butter and garlic purchased at Costco - assembled by the volunteers)

leftover Cheezits, hard boiled eggs, and Nilla Wafers (cheezits and nilla wafers from food bank) from the sack lunches (boiled egg, cheezits, baloney and cheese sandwich, orange juice can, bag of nilla wafers)

We had enough of the veggie version left over to fill about two gallon ziploc bags, so Scott and I took it home. (Wasn't quite enough for the Women's Shelter.)

If any of you in the general area of Berkeley are available on the third Saturday of the month and interested in helping feed the multitudes, please do let me know in a comment and I will contact you.

Sorry I can't help with the cooking/serving, but keep the recipes for a crowd coming as I will likely use them for our shelter meals here in MN :-)
It does help with one's improvising skills, doesn't it? ;-)
I live in Berkeley and would be interested in helping out...
What is up with the bottled water? I am getting cranky on this topic, even though occasionally I find myself buying the stuff on the road, when hydration is an issue and we aren't prepared.

East Bay MUD water is the best, most consistent quality water in the history of humanity - so sez my bro the water quality guru. That bottled stuff is very likely dirtier than what you get out of the tap at your church!!! Have you looked at the labels on Dasani water, for instance? It's Milpitas tap water sent through a filter! I guarantee you that Milpitas tap water is not as good as Berkeley's.

Just sayin'. God bless you for feeding the poor...
Hi Leila, we didn't pay for it and it was appreciated by the guests as being portable. When we do table service, we have water pitchers on the table, filled up from the tap.

Greetings Dagny, we are in the campus area and serve on the third Saturday of every month. My non-spam-infested email address is charlotte_blackmer at yahoo dot com; I'd be happy to discuss it with you!
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