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Sunday, January 08, 2006

When Life Gives you Lemons, Part N

Lawrence Bliss is the happy winner of the L&C raffle prize in the Menu for Hope II raffle. He will not be recieving curd, as he lives in Maine. But here's a picture anyway of a jar I made New Year's Day:

tag here

I will be sending some Sacramento County Meyer lemons, some Berkeley-manufactured Scharffen Berger, and some gizmos and recipes as soon as The Cold From Hell subsides enough so that I have the energy to go to Bay Street some evening.

I will say that anyone who hasn't read the BunRab's new Metro Menu for the SF Ferry Building should do so Right. Now. It's brilliant.

Not much has been happening on the cooking front here, as I have had remarkably little energy. The CfH has gotten to the point where I have "good hours" and "bad hours" the same day, and sleep a lot. I've been living on Progresso soup (which is pretty good for canned) and toast. The only thing resembling cooking that I did was during a "good time" this morning, when I made Barb's Brownies and tried out Alice Medrich's lemon bars (as featured kinda sorta at Bake Sale Betty).

The bars are definite winners. Next time I make them with Meyers I will cut the sugar some (more), as they were powerfully sweet (and I don't think it's just because I'm avoiding sugar again because of the cold). But I will be making them again. I got to break in the rectangular springform pan I got for Christmas (lucky me).

I also used some of the Meyers in Leila's hummus that I made for this evening's feeding the multitudes event at the church. Yum.

I am at home, instead of beavering away in the church kitchen, because I wanted to conserve my energy for work. I am considering making another batch of the hummus just for me, but I definitely think I will use some of the lemons and make myself a hot toddy, and so to bed. Maybe by next weekend I will be well enough to go into Production Mode on curd, limoncello, and marmalade.

Charlotte - Leila here (in my bedouina disguise) - thanks for the hat tip in my direction. But the link isn't right; somehow it's the catalogue link to the baking equipment. Which doesn't work for me, BTW, so I can't get a picture of this spring-form rectangular pan.

Is everything ok? Health? Work? I only read this blog infrequently, and notice now how much you allude to storms and fatigue. Are you detailing further on another blog? Best wishes to you in the new year.
Karen Évilyn Marques
Dardânia Soares

we are brazilian and we have an opinion on the one that you wrote:

we adored your blog, because talks about something that all of us like that is the cook.


I hope you continue writing....

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