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Monday, January 16, 2006

Cook the Chook!

I had the day off today, so managed to eat a dinner that was not completely or substantially pre-prepared. I made roast chicken and potatoes. I used the "Cook the Chook!" spice rub my pal Tammy gave to me after Christmas. That felt good.

In other food news, I swung by Bakesale Betty today after I took Maggie to the vet (the verdict: "thriving") and picked up my prescription. Betty is now open 7-7 for our yummy baked goods pleasure. She comped me a cup of coffee too, which was a welcome afternoon pick-me-up with the lemon bar.

Gordon Atkinson aka Real Live Preacher tipped us off to his friend Milton's new blog, Don't Eat Alone. Milton is a part time chef and part-time pastor, which is right up my alley.

Slowly returning to normalcy ... hope to be as thriving as Maggie-cat soon. Will do a lemon count after I seperate out the ones-likely-to-survive for my lucky raffle winner and decide if I want to do limoncello or marmalade. I made a double batch of curd yesterday, although I have determined that I really only should do one at a time in my pan.

More soon, I hope!

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