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Saturday, November 12, 2005

WCB - For Clare (and Kiri)

The charming Clare's planned hiatus from hosting Weekend Cat Blogging took a nasty turn when she and Kiri were attacked by a dog, landing her in hospital. To make things worse, poor Kiri is getting blamed ('cause he ended up biting Clare, a lot).

I don't have anything "hearty" to send Clare, Casey, and Kiri, but I do have a funny photo of Maggie doing-what-kittens-do to hopefully at least bring a smile. I will note that if you look carefully you will see a pink belly ... this was about a week after she got spayed. I was supposed to be keeping her inactive but she had other ideas.

what does this do?

We are sending our love to the Eat Stuff gang and hope their recovery, both mental and physical, is rapid. Clare, you rock, for protecting Kiri despite the pain.

Auntie Charlotte

Maggie likes to sit in sinks just like me. I love to drink from the tap all of the time.

Lots of love

Boo the cat
Maggie looks enough like our Lennier to be a sibling. Wow!

And she likes sinks, too. Weird.
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