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Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Food Blogging

I did actually do some cooking over the weekend. Yay me! It's been a while. The schedule and the energy level haven't been conducive.

I made some Creole Stuff a la Janine (no green beans or zukes this time). I also did some Power Baking for the church's Evensong/Organ Recital reception. I also made a double batch of hummus.

I made some of Barb's Famous Orgasmic Brownies. I had a *preen* moment that turned to annoyance when someone walked into the kitchen to ask who had made the brownies because they were so good. The other people explained that if the brownies didn't have nuts in them, I had made them, if they had nuts someone else had. Then the guy turned around and said "I'm going to tease my friend and say they got them at Costco." HarrUMPH. Mind you the "brownie bites" at costco are pretty good, but still.

The other baking was an experiment. I made an old fashioned community cookbook special, Scripture Cake, off a recipe that was posted (with the actual items spelled out) on the Ship. It was a bit blah, even though I decided to up the Scripture quota of the recipe by plumping up the raisins in some sherry (counting it as wine). My oven difficulties certainly did not help any - the cupcakes I made with the extra batter were ok, but the cake itself was blah. I'm thinking some experimentation (more fruit and applesauce) might make a winner. We had an excellent spice cake donated by a church member that would probably be a good basic recipe. (Must look up cheese in the concordance to see if I can get away with the cream cheese frosting.)

My leisure reading is a recently-purchased copy of Being Dead is No Excuse, which is giving me all sorts of wonderful ideas (even if all the mayo in the book would, as a blogpal of mine says, infarct an elk). I laughed heartily at the description of the Episcopal ladies in the author's home town being "no mixes" snobs 'cause it sure sounds like some place I know pretty well, even if we don't haul the silver tea set out (why, yes, we do have one) and appoint old ladies to "pour" at funeral receptions. (Even the No Mix snobs have gone wild for the Vodka Cake which starts with some Duncan Hines butter cake mix. Duncan Hines butter cake mix is finest kind for a mix and I plan to be trying this soon.)

I was very pleased to see a recipe for Goat Cheese Torta that bore considerable resemblence to my late pal Susan's; it seems to have travelled with the availability of goat cheese and it's all good. Susan would approve. She was all about feeding people, and her wake was a most excellent party.

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