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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging - Kiri's Party

The charming Clare at Eat Stuff is inviting everyone to the adorable Kiri's birthday party!

Maggie (who celebrated her first birthday in late July) is here in her best bib and tucker:


Is she cute or what??!

(She was about six months old at the time. She still tries to crawl out sleeves, but she is a lot larger now so she usually gets stuck.)

Two of my very favorite and very social cats have unfortunately gone to eat tuna off God's counter in the last few months. Since they were "party animals" I'm putting them in the post.

My beloved Maya (1989-2005), from about a year ago; yes, she was Queen of all she surveyed:

Mine, all mine

Maggie and Maya didn't get along very well due to their differences in energy level (Maggie wanted to play, and Maya was, well, old and set in her ways) but here is a picture of them putting asides their differences:

dinner time

And this is Brigid (1998-2005) who was one of my church's resident cats. She attended services every Sunday (she usually spent early service on someone's lap) and was always around for her fans at coffee hour and during evening classes and meetings. She, like Maya in her prime, was a mighty huntress, so some of those meetings got a bit lively when she brought something in! Our church's symbol is the lion and she did her best to live up to it:


The kitties and I wish Kiri many happy returns and many happy years with Clare.

Thanks so much for coming to my party you look so cute in your sleeve!

Hugs xxx
She looks adorable in the sleeve, I don't think any of my kitties have ever done that before.

I like your little tribute to the kitties too and I am sure they are having a whale of time chasing mice up there.
We have a special WCB this weekend for Clare and Kiri. Do join us, further details in Farmgirl's link and my site:

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