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Monday, August 01, 2005

Weeknight Cooking and More

Famous local foodblogger and all around Cool Dood Dr. Biggles of Meathenge decided to get some more ideas for not-horribly-complicated weeknight cooking by holding a contest.

Now since I am a home cook and like to keep it simple, I was all over this one. I did a whole series of posts on it. Quickie lunch, dinner strategies, a quick and flexible dessert, and my favorite dinner in Real Tomato season.

But I didn't expect to win a prize!


I guess Biggles and Mama (the nom du blog of his Lovely Wife) both like tomatoes ;-). It's a good dish in the summer and I am considering making it tonight.

I already do or am looking to try out some of the other suggestions ... these people are TALENTED cooks. (mmm, peanut sauce)

In other food news, I bought the proverbial metric boatload of Central Valley produce at Central Valley prices at the produce-plus shop on Pedrick Road in Dixon. Including a lot of peaches.

I also learned that it's traditional to eat fresh bread on Lammas Day, which this is, and which condition I satisfied with a very tasty banh mi from a little hole-in-the-wall Viet joint on Larkin Street in SF. In the spirit of weeknight cooking, I am going to make some Middle Eastern Chopped Salad and eat it as a wrap. I'm pretty tired, but I think I can handle that amount of chopping.

Congrats! Way to go!

The tomato salad looks delicious. I know what you mean about "high tomato standards," too. I almost never buy 'em in the grocery store - the ones out of my own garden are better than almost any other. Today I noticed one of my beefsteaks now has a tinge of red, and my mouth waters every time I look at it. Mmmmm - can't wait.

Cool you won!
I am not suprised you got a prize. i think yours was my favourite, good to encourage Biggles to eat his veggies!
Which place on Larkin Street? I live there and I've been meaning to try out some of the Vietnamese fare...though I know nothing about Vietnamese food. A restaurant and menu suggestion would get me on my way. Thanks!
Alison - I forgot to note the name, but it was something unlikely like "Bargain Deli and Wraps". It's just north of Golden Gate on Larkin on the east side of the street (the west side is the Federal Building). I had decided to walk up Larkin and go into the first place that advertised banh mi. I walked in and the lady said, "Sandwich?" (which is what "banh mi" means). The sandwich menu is in English so I picked one.

For $2.25, I certainly have no complaints.
Sam - thank you for the kind words!

I don't think Biggles needs too much encouragement to eat summer tomatoes, but having Mama around probably doesn't hurt. ;-)
I was one of the Judges. We took three factors. Yeah!,Love,and Workability(Is that a word?)I gave you high marks because,Fresh tomatoes are the bomb,your recipe was workable,and the love that you showed through your posting!! Tomatoes ON!!
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