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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Makin' Coffee

Steve aka Manboy of the Blue Bottle Blog has posted about attempting to settle "it" (whatever "it" was) with Biggles at the Food Bloggers' Get-Together.

He didn't settle "it" but he acquired a helper in the form of Tiny E:


who looks well on the way to the Barista Hall of Fame:


Thanks, Steve, for the perfect finish to a wonderful meal!

Hi Charlotte,

I've just discoverd your blog--it's great! I'm an Episcopal priest who moved from Berkeley (a year ago) to Syracuse where I'm rector of Grace Church and chaplain at Syracuse University. But: inspired by the Bay Area bloggers I started a food blog--http://jbbsyracuse.typepad.com. After reading a few posts I'm dying to know which church you attend (I worked for CDSP and visited churches for my job--and I was assistant at All Saints in the Haight.) I used to go to both the Ferry Plaza and Berkeley Farmers' Markets EVERY saturday--I'm sure I've passed you. All the best--Jennifer
Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. With the "small worlds" both of the ECUSA and of foodbloggers I'm not surprised that they've intersected ;-).

Berkeley and FP markets? I'm impressed. The FP market left me staggering (in its modern form, post building opening), although it's really quite amazing. (AND I can get my Downtown Bakery and Creamery fix without hauling up to Healdsburg.)

I'm not sure how long the alias of "St. Spike's" is going to hold, but for now I'll say that it's the big mission-style church in Berkeley immediately across the street from Cal. I've been there about a year - was at the Cathedral, but not involved there, for many years previous. It was time for a change.
Ah I know the church. I think there is a photo on your profile (?) of you with your "new" rector behind you at the Cathedral. For the sake of the alias I won't reveal the name--but I know the person and the parish very well. One of my fondest memories while in the Bay area was doing work with the 20/30s group there--some Christian Formation stuff and a retreat up at the Bishop's Ranch (miss that place--talk about food!). And your're right--the food bloggers and ECUSA are incredibly small worlds--with more intersections than we may know. I've linked your other blog (Farm Girl) on my church blog--I'll look forward to reading that one too.
It is indeed a small world, Jennifer. I don't foodblog, but I'm yet another Episcopalian. (A priest I know online says that there are really only 14 Episcopalians, we just move them around Really Fast.)

And I'm a former member of All Saints' - the parish I joined when I started going to church again.


What are the chances? If you ever get back there tell them Jennifer from Syracuse says hello.
Hey, great blog! Sounds like you need espresso coffee.

I love coffee and did a keyword search on espresso coffee and came up with your site. The association was close, anyway. Take care! Dave
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