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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Today would have been my grandfather's 100th birthday. He was both a loving man and a forceful personality and I still miss him, eighteen years after his death.

Foodwise, he was famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it ... my mother and her sibs all became excellent cooks in adulthood, no doubt in rebellion) for a number of things. He was a trout fisher par excellence and a Mighty Hunter as well (yep, we ate Bambi). He loved Heinz baked beans (I still can't stand them). He drank his bourbon straight (a quality I emulate). He re-used bacon grease to fry just. about. everything (which I can't emulate, remembering the dozen heart attacks and half-dozen strokes he had before the one that killed him ... but I loves me some crisp bacon). And he put ketchup on just about damn near everything, till later in his life when salsa made it in bulk containers to Anglo markets. (Grandpa, having supported a young family during the depths of the Depression, couldn't pass up a "two for one" deal.)

I went to my new favorite restaurant, Sea Salt, yesterday after church for lunch. I had their extremely tasty fish and chips with a side of coleslaw, a malt-vinegar aioli, and ... KETCHUP. With a little Thai spice in it. Grandpa would have enjoyed it. I certainly did.

deep fried goodness

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