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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Anemia Grrrl's Food Week in Review

It's been a pretty bad week, healthwise, at L&C headquarters. But the food wasn't bad, and I mostly managed to feed myself (instead of getting meals out). Although when I had to get some prescription medicine, I thought it was a Sign from God that I should get lunch at the fabulous Genova Deli, because I keep my prescriptions at the pharmacy next door to it. The roast beef sandwich (my standard @ Genova) tasted mighty fine. MMmmm, RED MEAT.

Store cupboard staples, some leftovers, judicious shopping, and some easy-peasy recipes really helped.

Through the Wonders of the World Wide Web, I was able to research proper technique for How to Wrap a Burrito. I applied this newfound knowledge on Monday night, when I made some Middle Eastern Chopped Salad (which is just a more granular version of Greek salad) and rolled it up in a large spinach wrap. I will say that the bigger you can get the tortillas, the better. My Greek wraps remained leak free, thank you very much.

(The burrito research also had some numbers about how many calories even "fresh mex" can have. Good Lord. I'll have a baby burrito and hold the rice and cheese, please.)

I managed to slap together some quickie food, extra important on Thurs. and Fri. as I needed to bring dinner as well as lunch to the office. I had some of my now prize-winning Marinated Tomato and Goat Cheese Pasta. Trader Joe's Artichoke-Lemon Pesto (must experiment with making my own) got slapped on pasta for a hearty meal. I also finally cooked up the second pound of green beans and made marinated green beans with tomatoes a la Amanda Hesser. (I can't believe I haven't written that all down for the recipe sidebar ... will do so the next time I make it.)

And last night for dinner I made Deb's Charred Broccoli with one of the El Cheapo bunches I bought at the farm stand. With a steak grilled on the indoor grill ... that was some mighty fine eatin'. If I get up early enough tomorrow I will make another batch with the other head. Mmm mmm good.

Alas, one major casualty of Anemia Grrrl and the work schedule is about half of the peaches I bought at the farm stand. They have been liquidating (waaah). If I'm halfway coherent tomorrow I will try to make pie with what's left.

Today, firstly because I am a Sick Tired Person and secondly to do some research for Sam's "$40 A Day" Dine and Dish event, I hied myself off restaurantwards after church to Meal Ticket. My choice off the brunch menu was salmon, eggs, salsa, and potatoes, and the salmon piece was as big as my hand. My pal Ron had said "On no account miss the scones" so I ordered one "to go" and ended up consuming it onsite. It was pretty good. I am not hungry tonight even with more or less giving the taters a miss.

I heard recently that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has iron in it. My godson's mom also told me that raisins have iron in them. So, from now on, I think that I will keep a jar of dark-chocolate covered raisins and label them "iron pills".

I'm sorry you're feeling so badly though. I hope you feel better soon!
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