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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sierra Vista

Yesterday I went up to the foothills with my parents to attend a soiree (food and tastings) at Sierra Vista Winery. My parents have visited this winery many, many times and were among the first of their "club" members.

The nibbles were first-rate - excellent bread and cheese (an Affinois that was like buttah), grilled veggies, and quite tasty roast pork with aragula and aoili sandwiches on incredibly fresh and tasty rolls. And brownies for dessert.

The day was hot - over 90 in the foothills, which is quite unusual - but the lawn was shaded, so very pleasant on our picnic tables.

The wine was terrific too - the 2006 Cab is going to be quite a winner, with its rich berry overtones.

I've enjoyed the wines; it was nice to get to the winery, meet the winemaker, and have some yummy eats.

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