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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Right Under My Nose

Or, "I need to get out more".

It was bad enough that I learned of Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe through Stephanie, who lives in Chicago for Gawd's sake, when I used to live pretty near College Avenue myself. OK, so Stephanie used to live here, but still.

Clara from the church was the one who told me that the cafe at University and Acton (for you non-locals, that's really close to my house) was the all-new Bread Workshop. I didn't know that either.

I seem to have been a bit closer to the curve with the latest local foodie pheeeenom, Bake Sale Betty. The fabulous Serene mentioned her about the time I actually checked my KQED Bay Area Bites link and there she was. I also heard about her from the gang at Blue Bottle Coffee this morning at the market (their roastery is very close). She's taken over the storefront at 51st and Telegraph, where Merritt Bakery was for a short time. I had noted activity at that location recently, so it's glad to know something cool is there. I will definitely stop by.

Today as I was decluttering the front porch, I found an East Bay Express with a cover article about the chocolate revolution, so of course I had to read it. Besides the chocolate article (which covered Bittersweet and Cafe Cacao, another place I need to go, but knew about), there was a review of the new Bread Workshop ... they have meatball sammitches and other Real Food. As this does not involve a trip across town, I might stop by after church tomorrow. (They generously provide day-old to our Hot Meals program, so I'd like to be a semi-regular paying customer.)

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