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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Basil update

The basil went in a sudden decline after our 90 F day Saturday. I checked it this morning and two of the three bunches (the two older ones) had noticeable die-back. I see pesto in my very near future!

I went to the Tuesday FM to avoid being basil-less next week (I will be leaving town before the market on Saturday) and got a bunch that was already rooted and so tall I need to keep it in my large blue pitcher (which is the one I keep for extra-big flowers like hydrangeas).

In a burst of Clean out the Fridge I made two individual size crisps out of the chopped peaches in the fridge. I had made the crisp topping on Saturday evening and fridged it uncovered. I put the topping on in two stages, like the Fine Cooking article taught me. And it was just divine. The topping tasted like a combo between Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies (always a fave of mine) and really wonderful pie crust. It was golden and sweet and buttery and crunchy. I am going to be at some pains to save the second one for breakfast. Because you know those things should be eaten right away ;).

oven baked fruity goodness

I am impressed with the basil.

What's next on trial?
Either using the dough hook or the whisk attachments on my Kitchen Aid. I haven't used them yet.
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