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Monday, June 20, 2005

Tales from Chile-land

I spent 2.5 days last week in New and Improved Mexico last week and enjoyed the fine local cuisine, including my intro to breakfast burritos NM-style (covered with chile) and sopapillas at the restaurant in Chimayo. (Highly recommended to foodies visiting the area.) I had previously been acquainted with stacked (NM style) enchiladas, but had a great one in Albuquerque at the Church Street Cafe behind San Felipe de Neri (on the Plaza) - spinach, with a zucchini-and-corn side.

My host described the standard ways the locals mediate the heat of the chile: beans, cheese, lemonade, and beer. I will also add spinach and plantanos to the list; the "huevos yucatecas" I had for breakfast at a cafe on Saturday had fried bananas on the side and that helped mediate the considerable heat considerably.

I am in Rocky Mountain High Colorado now and missing breakfast burritos already.

N.B. I had a kick-ass birthday dinner on the 14th and will blog it (with photo) in a retroactive entry when I get back. Indeed, the desire to load the photo to my computer is why I left the camera attached to my PC when I left for the airport. So no pix of the huevos yucatecas, or the chile delights available at the farmer's market.

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