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Monday, June 27, 2005

Back in the kitchen

Being away for a week plus really has meant a break in the kitchen; I was trying to eat it down before I left, and a lot of what got left got thrown out this weekend.

I stocked up with food at Trader Joe's, Cheese Board, and the Farmers' Market.

I also ended up in the church kitchen without planning to as I got a somewhat distressed call on Saturday and ended up helping with coffee hour, even though I had thought my "switch" was not on till August. Fortunately I had not gone to Trader Joe's at the time, and had been told that baked goods were not required, so went off to Country Cheese for some of their veggie chips and to Trader Joe's for strawberries, grapes, and cheese (we do balanced coffee hours).

I made some banana bread anyway "just in case". I did not cut it; Melanie (the sub) is an ace baker, there was food left over (which was left for a memorial that afternoon), and my coworkers appreciated the Monday treat.

I didn't make soup or anything for lunch, and don't have the energy tonight, so will probably be scrounging for lunches this week till I get back in the swing.

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