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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Welcome Visitor

In checking my food blog after this last grim week, I was extremely pleased to see that Leila of Dove's Eye View had stopped by. She waggled her finger at me slightly for plugging Ranee's hummus instead of hers in my recent post. (Which is only a data point in my contention that there are about as many variants as cooks.)

Well, of course, that means that, as soon as I stop coughing, I have to make her version. Especially since it's double the lemon and usually I think that Double Lemon is a Good Thing.

I will be sure to refer back to Leila's site (the work and family weirdness has cut down on my reading time) for future Feeding the Multitudes tasks. I loved the story about gathering grape leaves at Lake Merritt.

Leila, if you're out there, the foccacia works fine with all purpose flour, and it's really not a lot of active prep time. I am now officially shocked at how much it costs in the stores, but getting a small piece when you get a hankering is still not a bad plan. Re the brownies, it's not quite the same as La Hepburn's recipe, but it's pretty close; it's got more flour but specifies cake flour - so it actually may be similar weights - and more vanilla.

You're going to *test* my recipe? Oh, the pressure. You realize, don't you, that I just sit at the computer and type up an approximation of what I think works. I am certain that Ranee's recipe is more accurate...to me they are close enough that they're essentially the same.

More lemon? I find I use different amounts every time I make it. I start with one and then keep adding until it tastes right. Lemons vary!

I was only kidding when I waggled my finger. NOw you're going to subject my recipe to real life testing? ARGHHHH

Re: focaccia - I'm not going to make it because I'd eat it ALL, and I really want to drop some weight right now, for health reasons.

So sorry about the loss of Maya...
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