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Monday, May 02, 2005

Not a good day in the kitchen!

Not only did I slice my finger (including nail) somewhat when I was cutting an onion for the white bean soup, my gas match ended up catching on fire during the final simmer when the full point boiled and caused the burner to flare up.

I was not in the kitchen at the time. Good thing I went back there to take a break from usenet!

No harm done, I think; the finger is bandaged and does not hurt (much) and I was able to blow the fire out. Had to trash the gas match but glad no further harm was done.

What's next? Dropping my lunch, or the soup when I containerize it, on the floor?

I think it's time for a wee snort. This white bean soup seems cursed.

I'll tell you what's next !!! A Knife Skills Class. Listen up, Shuna has one coming up this month. I took the first one and it was awesome, she's a lot of fun. Pry yourself out of the nasty office and go play. Would you PLEASE !??! Thank you.


Scroll down a bit for the particulars.
I have had that in mind since I saw your original post (and before my first ever finger slice). I saw this comment just after I sent off email saying the check was on the way. *grin*

No work this weekend or next *happy bounce*. The soup was moderately tasty (all that good Fatted Calf pancetta) and my finger is healing nicely.
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