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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cherry Ripe

Well, not yet. Even the sweet cherries aren't in the shops in much quantity. But I am hopeful that despite the strong recent rain, these lovely blossoms, photo taken a couple of weeks ago, are portents of sour cherry baked delights to come:

loveliest of trees

The white of Eastertide (c.f. Housman's poem) is little in evidence as the tree leafs out and the little green cherry fruits appear.

In other food related news, I signed up for a knife skills class (which I really intended to do before I sliced my finger, honest), the Cursed Soup isn't bad, my finger is healing nicely, I had dinner at Picante with Elaine last night, am eating lunch with my parents tomorrow, and I cleaned out my fridge.

YEAH !!!!! I'm so happy you did that. Too cool, you're really going to enjoy yerself.

Please tell Shuna that Biggles sends his regards.

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