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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Still feasting ...

but back to a more normal schedule.

I was cooked-out at Easter and extremely tired afterwards. Being on-call did not help matters, as my sleep schedule got a bit disrupted. I did enjoy that Ikeda "razzleberry" (it tasted mostly ollalieberry, which is Not A Bad Thing) for breakfasts and ate out more than usual.

On Saturday I went to Cheese Board and finally got myself over to Trader Joe's, and stocked up on necessaries such as milk and eggs (I was completely out and had been for a couple of days) and also got myself a chicken, some carnitas (highly recommended - in the deli section), and some of the Korean short ribs. Mmmm, MEAT. (The Korean short ribs are definitely addictive.)

On Sunday I went out to La Mediterannee after church with friends and had some utterly delicious fillo things. I also started consuming the Vosges chocolates that the fabulous Deb sent me. Mmmm, black pearl.

I did manage to make some minestrone, so swapped that and chicken off for lunch, and found the Jimmy Dean pre-cooked sausages a useful adjunct to the morning English muffin.

Might get over to the Market to see what's around, and must see what is still good in the lemon department, and Do Stuff with them.

Meat, sigh. I got gout and am on day 5 with no meat or booze. Lost 7 pounds though. MmMMmM, meat.
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