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Sunday, April 17, 2005

More Feeding the Multitudes

Okay, I am a nut, but I have managed to dodge the bullet of coordinating the big patronal feast wing-ding next week. I will show up with food (butterflied leg of lamb, to be barbequed) and perhaps even make myself useful beforehand setting up, but I am all set to enjoy the party.

(Actually if I end up helping, I will have spent three of the four weekends this month doing something foodie at the church. First Sunday is my Altar Guild day, which precludes doing anything else.)

The soup kitchen gig felt like a lot less work this month, mainly because we didn't use every pot, pan, and tray in the house twice (necessitating washing). Our entree was salmon patties which had been bagged as "swordfish", thus not saleable, thus available at the food bank.

I was on schedule for coffee hour today, so make-ahead was the name of the game. I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of energy last night or this morning. I brought banana bread, Mom's peanut butter cup cookies, a huge quantity of strawberries, and made some of Barb Schaller's Famous Orgasmic Brownies this morning.

The brownies are acquiring a following (indeed, a fan club) here, as are the PB cup cookies. Go Mom! Go Barb!

We were planning to have the two of us do coffee hour and a third showed up, with food. My partner had brought oranges and apples for slicing, cheese and crackers, and had deviled about a flat's worth of eggs. Oink! There was some fruit left, and enough of the naner bread for me to have a nibble on my way home, but most of it disappeared.

I am definitely taking it light this week. The Easter feasting season is going to run into my personal (birthday) feasting season and I am going to be as big as a house. At least the RUNNING AROUND FEEDING PEOPLE is keeping it down.

Now to make sure I have something to eat for lunch the next couple of days. I ran out last week and ended up skipping lunch due to work weirdness. NOT a good thing.

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Well, I'm happy to share recipes, which is why I put them on the recipe sidebar. The brownies will rock someone's world, I promise.
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