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Monday, February 07, 2005

Winter Wonderful, Part Two

I missed my Saturday market run due to system work (which made me cranky, but I can swing by the Tuesday market). I finally got to Trader Joe's to buy milk and essential groceries yesterday.

After a refreshing nap, I made the following:

Roast chicken with Greek-style potato wedges (olive oil, lemon, salt, toss to cover, then roast with chicken)
Roast cauliflower (see previous entry)
Roast broccoli

The taters weren't done to my liking when the chicken was, so I removed the bird and put the taters back in. When they were done, they were divine; mealy and tender inside, roasted nicely with hints of chicken and lemon.

No pix because I was hungry and just kept eating them. Anyway, the pan had burned bits (which I had to soak off overnight).

I ate all the broccoli, half the cauliflower, half the potatoes (and I'd used all the Yukons in my fridge - about five medium), but none of the chicken. So I think I caught up some on my "strive for five" veggie consumption.

Remaining cauli and taters are with chicken legs for my lunch. It's a monochromatic meal but I don't care. I have some green beans for the rest of the chix.

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