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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Forty Days of Lentils

The fabulous Stephanie and her husband Dave are doing "Forty Days of Lentils" (Sundays and some feast days off) for Lent. Stephanie is a far better person than I and will be trying something NEW with lentils every day (and posting recipes). I, myself, would probably make up a big pot of my curried lentil soup, learn to make pilaf, scrounge another recipe or two, and look forward to Easter :D.

The recipes are friends-locked, for copyright purposes, but I shall at least be trying the first, which was lentils cooked risotto-style with aromatics and red wine, from the Zuni Cafe cookbook.

Stephanie also provided us with this info from the Lentils and Dried Peas council. I knew about the fiber, and knew about the "grown in the US" (the high desert of the Palouse, mostly), but didn't know about the folic acid. Extra good stuff!

I probably won't eat beans every day of Lent, but it's something to strive for. It's "eating poor", and they are awfully good for a body ... I have lost both significant weight and significant cholesterol when I have gone on "bean soup for lunch" diets.

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