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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Busy day

I actually got to sit down for a longish period this afternoon, which helped with the tired factor after being on my feet for much of yesterday and two long stretches this morning.

The big feeding the multitudes thing was a great experience. The smaller one went pretty well and I now know how to make coffee in the church's coffee maker. I am getting ready for the final one, but am in relatively good shape, as I have figured out how to make the FP grate cheese. Now to clear out fridge space ...

Serene of The Reluctant Vegan taught a number of us how to make an easy and very non-vegan (1/2 lb butter!) toffee. Too addictive; I had four pieces, small ones but four, as I was roasting asparagus tonight.

Edited to add: Link to Recipe

And I have a real hot water bath-type canner now, courtesy of Ayse; so I can really jam in future. Yippee!

I also realized I totally spaced on the last Is My Blog Burning? yesterday due to my activity. I'll still do the thing I was planning to do, but it went clear out of my mind.

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