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Saturday, January 22, 2005

To Market, To Market

Today was a very pleasant day at the Berkeley Farmer's Market.

I was up and out early - went to the Cheese Board and to get some toys for Maggie-cat at Animal Farm. I had enough time to come home, put my milk in the fridge, and get a jacket on - I had foolishly thought the cashmere sweater was sufficient. (The sunshine was not as warm as it looked.)

I was hoping to get some of the Bacon Experiment from Fatted Calf and meet Dr. Biggles of MeatHenge. And both happened. It was very pleasant to meet Biggles (and Tiny E). He also courteously introduced me to Jan and Christine (thanks Biggles) at Blue Bottle Coffee, where I bought a cuppa very good drip to warm myself up with.

I had to hang around the market for a few minutes, because I was getting my chef's knife sharpened. So no commando raid. But I had coffee and conversation. I also got some rapini, organic apples, and blood oranges. So my fridge is officially Stuffed. It was pleasant to be hanging around the low-key winter market, without crowds and crowds of people - mellow scene on a sunny and increasingly warmer day.

And I was seeing some signs of spring in the produce ... baby artichokes!!

Hmmm, that was Christine. She's a punch and has no problem tossing the words back and forth, usually quite angled.
Yeah, it was a nice day. Even during the summer the Berkeley market is low key. I enjoy it much more than others, Marin and S.F. included.
I made it home in time to snurf up some Mortadella, hooboy that was WONDERFUL.

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