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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Meaty Goods

When checking out the selection at The Fatted Calf's stall at the Saturday farmer's market, I saw the calendar that Dr. Biggles from MeatHenge did for Taylor. Out-stand-ing.

Dr. B., if you're reading this, you are truly twisted, in the best possible way. If we ever run into each other at the market, I'll buy you a coffee or sumpin'.

Reviewing Meathenge, a blog I have sadly failed to keep up with, revealed a review of the place across the street from El Cerrito Plaza that replaced Shem's Palace (a once excellent Chinese place which went way downhill). It's Hawaiian plate lunch, so I might be over there to see if they have Kalua pork.

There is also a most excellent mushroom gravy to go with burgers and mashed potatoes that I must try out at some point. (Although, while the pot roast sounds good, I love mine.)

AHHAHAHAHAHHAAH, I can't believe I stumbled in here. I decided to check my hits and see where some of the referers were from. One from here. Then you seened my calendar !!!! THAT I cannot believe. No flippen snork way. This is a far smaller world than I gave it credit for, VERY cool.

Yes, that Waikiki place does have the Kalua pork, VERY GOOD. But be careful, I went two days in a row and have eaten enough for a lifetime. VERY heavy food. I miss Shem's.

I'm the 6'2" red bearded Norwegian Axe murderer with a large black camera, sportin' a olive drab field jacket. When the Fatted Calf comes back, I'll be there.


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