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Saturday, January 29, 2005

It's All About The MEAT

Well, Dr. Biggles of MeatHenge has gone above and beyond in his Dedication To The Meat.

In addition to his Meaty Cooking Adventures and his tireless promotion of the wonderful goods from The Fatted Calf, he is now running a contest for meaty wonderful. (As Deb says, it's because he is a crazy meat-lovin' phool.)

I saw the entry on Thursday just as I was leaving for my acupuncture appointment and got a clear message on What To Do when I was on the table relaxing. Or supposed to be relaxing, at any rate. Well, the prospect was relaxing, but it made me hungry.

The plans do not involve purchasing more of the utterly delicious Fatted Calf bacon that was so lovingly pictured in the entry.

Berkeley Farmer's Market note: The Bennett Valley Bakery was selling fresh-made donuts. Right across the aisle from Fatted Calf. Of course they sell breads but it amuses me to have both meat and donuts available at the market.

It wasn't quite as mellow this am, as I was there slightly later and the warmish weather brought out a lot of people with bikes and kids in strollers. Made it a bit more crowded.

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