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Friday, November 26, 2004

Out of retirement

I had asked my parents to bring a platter for the turkey, as the platters I thought I had were not up to the task. But in the run-up, I rediscovered the large platter from my great-grandmother's Limoges set, bought for her for Christmas 1899:

genuine antique

(It was stored in a different place from my other platters.)

Phone call. "I have a 17" platter, that should be big enough, so don't bring one."

When Dad saw what I had, he said, "You know, I was around the last time that was used. In forty-one, forty-two. After that, the dinners were at our house." I was touched by this. (My dad wasn't much older than my nephew is now.)

So here it is, in use, after sixty years:

out of the closet

It's a jolly good platter for turkey, too, as it has juice wells, which most modern platters don't. It was obviously meant to serve Roast Something at Sunday and holiday dinners.

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