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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma

Today, in the midst of the Thanksgiving preparations, I took some time out to remember my grandmother Alice, on the 100th anniversary of her birth.

I always remember her during the holidays, because she loved them so much, but of course especially on Thanksgiving because of her birthday ... and the excellent pumpkin pie and rolls she made. I also seem to take after her in my love for butterfat, although I don't put half and half in my coffee. But I have especially been remembering her this year, as I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and doing so using a number of things I inherited from her.

She was quite a traditionalist about birthday celebrations ... we had to have cake and ice cream. My brother and I often requested "ice cream pie" for our birthdays, which are during the hot weather, and according to my mother, this took some adjusting.

So I made a special stop by the bakery counter yesterday for the Alice E. Blackmer Memorial Celebration:

100% Alice Approved

(The plate was from her formal set.)

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