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Monday, September 13, 2004


Inspired by my visit to North Beach, I tried my hand at making rosemary focaccia. I am not much of a yeast baker as we have excellent bakeries here in Berkeley, but this seemed like a manageable project and something I could not easily buy.

I had two recipes that were pretty similar and ended up taking Angela's from A Spoonful of Sugar.

Well, I would have ... but again, in my distracted state, I left something out. I was wondering why the dough was not loose, and realized that I hadn't put the olive oil in. This is important. I did knead it in, and the results were both tasty and yummy looking in their golden rosemary flecked goodness, but I really must try it again and do it right so I can reproduce it.

(Next up might be green onions on top, a la Liguria. I have quite a supply at the moment.)

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