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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Meaty Goodness at the Market

I went to the farmer's market yesterday to get my supply of heirloom tomatoes; I remembered the camera this time so really, really need to do the details of installing the gizmo and software and adding peectures.

There is a new (to me) vendor of charcuterie at the market. It's not like I can't get good sausage, etc., in town if I want it (the Berkeley Bowl meat counter springs to mind). But I am always pleased when we MEAT lovers get a treat at the market (which does lean towards the vegan).

But what really made me smile is the name of the vendor: The Fatted Calf.

My name is Charlotte L. Blackmer and I approve of this signage!

I got some chorizo. Forgot to immediately fridge it after getting home so cooked some of it WELL this am with frozen potatoes O'Brien as part of a KICK ASS BREAKFAST TACO - huevos, chorizo y papas, frijoles pinquitos, salsa and enough left over for a couple more days' breakfast.

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