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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Meat and Tomatoes

Note to self: It's important to pick up the tomatoes on the plate daily and inspect for soft spots. I found one last night that had collapsed and oozed liquid all over the plate. Fortunately it was easy to clean.

I have been on a tri-tip binge lately, ever since I picked up the pre-marinated one from Trader Joe's on July 4 weekend. Of course when I went back jonesing, there were only the un-marinated ones available. But I figured I could do something about that. (To top it off, the recently announced Is My Blog Burning event is Grilled/Barbequed foods.)

I had at least half a cup of the Attack Vineagrette ready in the fridge. So I washed the roast, salted it with the Susie Q seasoning I got in SLO, placed it in a casserole of appropriate size, opened up my bottle of Two-Buck Chuck Shiraz, gave it a good bath, then poured the dressing over it (with another shake of Susie for good measure). Then I covered it and put it in the fridge overnight. I flipped the roast in the AM.

When I got home, I fired up the barbie (new grill), rinsed it off, gave it a good dose of Susie Q top and bottom, and then cooked it for about forty minutes (the fire was relatively hot), starting with the fat side down and flipping that after 10 min. The package said 50 for medium rare but I would estimate 18-20 min/lb, or 50 might be ok for a less hot fire. I had the "tippy" end and it was pretty close to well done, although a lot of juice came out when I let the meat rest.

Not as assertively spiced or as bog-simple as the pre-done but pretty good stuff! I might add some crushed garlic and some more spices like oregano next time but it's a matter of tweaking.

And I had that yummy meat-and-woodsmoke smell in my hair as I went to bed. Mmm, mmm.

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