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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy July 4!

Last weekend I was mostly either at the ballgame or thinking about going to the ballgame. The big food news was that I did the Vietnamese summer rolls a la Koko at the San Diego cook-in. Of course I used her quantities, which would feed considerably more than the two people I needed to. The pork has been good for sandwiches but I need to keep this in mind.

Summer is definitely in full swing at the Farmer's Market; I got lovely heirloom tomatoes yesterday, ripe plums (I'm not much of a plum fan but the samples convinced me) and peaches from Blossom Bluff. I have lovely food. Forgot to bring the camera, but next week for sure (might go to the Ferry Building Market).

Noel, Ayse, and Elaine came over last night and ate in my mostly-decluttered kitchen (good thing too, as I had to w*rk a lot yesterday - barely got a shower in time). I had purchased items for the Keep It Simple Stupid, All American July 4 Dinner on Friday before this social plan got hatched, and was pleased to have potato salad and hamburger in my fridge when it was. Given that the vineagrette almost didn't get made - I knocked the Pyrex cup with the first batch off the counter onto my foot, and the second batch into the sink - it is good that I could just throw it together. After that, I was glad I wasn't baking!

Le Menu:

Marcona almonds
Citrus stuffed olives
Mock Boursin with Flatbread
Red-White-and-Blue Goldfish crackers (couldn't resist at the store)

Hamburgers and Tofu Pups
Old-fashioned potato salad (yay Trader Joe's)
Green salad with yellow bells, cucumbers, and heirloom tomatoes

Vanilla Ice Cream
Raspberry Ice Cream
Raspberry Truffles
Summer Fruit

Unfortunately Noel has learned that he is fairly dairy-averse - a large blow to a man who likes ordering cheese plates for dessert. He enjoyed the truffles and the fruit, though.

I still have most of that around (including the Anchor Wheat they were kind enough to bring me!), although it's tri-tip for dinner tonight, and I already snacked on almonds, olives, boursin, and goldfish today. I also have cabbage for coleslaw.

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