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Friday, July 23, 2004

Busy Week

Getting ready for mini-dinner party tomorrow. Lots of cleaning, and deciding what the menu would finally be (besides Jamie's Lamb on a stick, which I have to try). Made the graham cracker crust for fresh berry pie last night - pictures and recipes when the dust settles.

I made two new summer salad recipes from new reading, somewhat winging it; one was green beans and tomatoes from Amanda Hesser's book, and one was corn-avocado-tomato from "Real Simple" magazine (a highlight of visiting the acupuncturist). Both were tasty but soupy because in winging it I added too much liquid (two limes not one in the corn salad). Definitely worth redoing, a little closer to the originals in the dressing department.

Must go root for veggies now to have with my lunch. Full reports on the rest over the weekend.

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