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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Roll On Summer!

I haven't cooked much since I got back; combo of being tired and just being blissed out on a lot of glorious food.

The RFC party was fabulous, as they always are; I hope to catch up with the group and post my recipes this weekend. Am feeling a bit weak and crampy but I can sit and type.

Jamie didn't make ice cream but she did do lamb sirloin brochettes marinated in rosemary. Since I have an overactive rosemary bush, this sounds good! She also suggested lemon marmalade, and I need to ask her for her recipe, for my occasional lemon abundance. I told her that I was avoiding taking up knitting as my middle-aged-lady hobby and was going for "baking and preserving" instead.

And the amazing Koko brought enough food to feed three armies (in true RFC style), including the set up for Vietnamese summer rolls. I am going to try reproducing them next weekend; need to go look for ingredients for the sauce, make it up, and then shop for the rest on Friday night.

Tonight's dinner is going to be a burger (patty), lettuce with roasted beets (Chino) and tomatoes, and an ear of Chino corn. Peaches and ice cream if I feel like dessert. Yes, it is peach season, and I got some lovelies from my favorite grower (Blossom Bluff in Parlier) at the Tuesday F.M. No heirloom tomatoes in yet, though. I had one of the peaches with my morning yogurt and some blueberries and it was pretty good.

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