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Saturday, June 05, 2004

June Swoon

In less than a week, I am getting in my car and driving to San Diego for a rec.food.cooking event. When I traveled more I was almost compulsive about planning; I have gotten very slack. I am not sure that my cherries will last down there for cherry upside-down cake, and I am not terribly confident with my improv abilities. I don't know if heirloom tomatoes are in yet (everything else seems to be about a month early) and I also don't want to haul a lot of equipment down.

I am going to make raspberry truffles and Mom's peanut butter cup cookies. I think Ranee's salad might also work (shop down there). I might also make the ginger mini cupcakes this weekend and freeze them if I like the results.

I also hope my digital camera arrives in time!

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