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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

When you stop looking for something ...

it's everywhere.

About a month ago, I was looking in all my usual shopping haunts for pound cake. Mind you, I could find Sara Lee, which is okay pound cake (indeed, the pound cake of my childhood), but I wanted fresh bakery pound cake. And I couldn't find it.

I peeved a bit in this blog about fancy-ass Gourmet Ghetto bakeries being too good for old-fashioned pound cake and then got bakin'. It happened to coincide with the third "Is My Blog Burning? Cake Walk Edition" so that worked out.

On Saturday when I ducked into that same Andronico's, there were dozens of pound cakes lined up on the bakery counter: plain, lemon, marble, and chocolate. And Trader Joe's had it in the bakery section on Sunday. I bet Berkeley Bowl had some too, but I rarely cruise the baked goods section (self preservation). Wouldn't ya know it?

(I missed IMBB #4. I made the pie, but nothing with rice. I had my heart set on asparagus/pea/spring green risotto but had no time to go to the Bowl for green, or to cook all the chicken backs into stock for it. Waaah.)

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