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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Miscellanea from the kitchen

A few things from my recent food adventures:

- While I very much enjoy snap peas and asparagus, I have determined that the Soybean Succotash Stuff in my lunch means I'm far less likely to have the late-afternoon nibbles.

- The lower-carb pita from the Berkeley Bowl is actually pretty good for store pita.

- The "Joe's Lows" corn-and-flax seed tortilla chips from Trader Joe's are really quite tasty. (I'm not low-carbing, so I have Standards.)

- I found that I far prefer whipped cream, not clotted cream, on my strawberry shortcake, but that clotted cream on one of the Cheese Board's brioche (must check their cookbook!) topped up with Fatapple's ollalieberry-raspberry jam is totally ace.

- Andronico's on North Shattuck (not mine in the po'-folks neighborhood) has roasted tomatoes in the deli bar.

- In the interest of testing out Dinner Fast options, I got a rotisserie chicken from the Bowl last time. Since I ended up getting three meals out of a 2 lb chicken, it wasn't a bad value for $5.99, cooked. The cat enjoyed the little back bits that get frozen instead when I get a fresh chicken (because I cut out the back and freeze it for stock).

- I'm still looking for smaller (but not "mini" loaf pans) - must comb the King Arthur Flour Catalog.

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