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Monday, March 08, 2004

Is My Fridge Burning?

After I posted my IMBB entry, I did a major cleanout of my refrigerator and pitched all the budding science experiments. One good thing to come out of it was that I found I had tri-tip after all, so I had my Santa Maria Sandwich for dinner tonight. Mmmmmmm good! I even stopped by Trader Joe's to get the ObPotatoSalad to go with it.

The links to all the "Is My Blog Burning - the Tartine Edition" are here. What a talented and inspiring bunch of entries! I see other people did goat cheese and/or tuna tartines - great minds think alike.

Yesterday was a busy and exhausting, but very productive, day in the kitchen. It took me much longer to make the minestrone than usual, because I de-ribbed an entire bunch of chard first. I still have chard left after making myself a generous goat cheese-chard "tartine" and putting a lot in the soup.

I roasted peppers and after the soup was done, started looking around my recipe books for sour-cream walnut coffee cake. I didn't find a recipe for it in the first two books I looked in (one my reliable Fannie Farmer. Horrors!) and came across a recipe for Orange Nut Bread in my Williams-Sonoma Muffins book. Decided to make it since I had the oranges. Decided to tweak it by chopping up the remaining good ones of the fresh cranberries in the bottom of one of my veggie bins. It was outstanding and went together FAST, FAST, FAST ... melted butter means no creaming involved. Definitely a keeper - rhubarb, blueberries, or strawberries next time maybe? Recipe probably tomorrow since I really should either organize my tax stuff or go into the kitchen and make "Soybean Stuff".

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