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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Spring Chicken

and other things. I still have potroast, so getting more beef at the store was Not A Good Plan. I got a chicken, which I intend to try cooking with some of my preserved lemons, and eating with the remainder of the Soybean Stuff and the snap peas I got last week.

Since I had to work late, I got to the Berkeley Bowl 20 minutes before closing. They are quite efficient about shutting that place down! Good for me that I went to the meat counter first. I almost forgot the eggs in my mad rush.

The other "work lunches" will be asparagus-black bean enchiladas - asparagus tips were $2.19 a pound, a great deal this early in the season.

I also have chutney on the brain, so I might try making up some lemon chutney when I'm not studying this weekend. It is a two day process since Day One is chopping up the lemons and salting them, and Day Two is cooking. I had all the stuff last weekend but was wiped out on Saturday.

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