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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Pot roast!

Wonderful winter food. I slapped it together in about ten minutes before I went to my salon appointment and it cooked while I was out of the house. On Sunday I defatted it and ran the veggies thru the food mill. I also made the "Soybean Stuff" because that is so good with the red pepper gravy from the pot roast. Yum!

So why do I want to go out for eggrolls tonight?

I also made some pear muffins from the Williams-Sonoma muffin book - very juicy, will have to remember to weigh the pears next time I make them. Totally changed the seasoning around so they are pear-ginger and they took a long time to cook, probably because there was more pear than there should have been (my pears were big). Almost stuck in the muffin cups (and on the baking sheet I finished them off on) due to the pear syrup factor. But the bits I have had were tasty.

Next time I might just modify one of the other recipes ... having buttermilk around is not something I usually do.

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