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Saturday, February 14, 2004

It's Valentine's Day

and my mother sent me an article about truffle tasting from the Bee. Oh, my heart just absolutely bleeds for the poor reporters on that one. It was nice that they dealt with mostly local shops.

I will probably make some raspberry truffles on my "study break" today. Not quite as ambitious as last week.

I did go to Trader Joe's and Berkeley Bowl within 24 hours and neglected to get avocadoes at either. Oh well. I have a fridge bursting with stuff - still have the last leftover potroast and red pepper gravy (V-day dinner!), half a pan of asparagus-black bean enchiladas, and another chicken to roast. Having the food was nice during my studying/test taking burst.

My usual luck with cucumbers came into play - buy a cuke to make some warm-weather food and the weather gets cold again. I have been jonesing for middle eastern chopped salad - indeed I even bought some tomato tortillas so I could make hummus/salad rollups. That might be useful for my next test - I was very glad I finished early because I was starting to get low blood sugar.

I was also nosing around food blogs (in the hiatus of In My Kitchen); found a charming one by a Parisienne who spent some time in Silicon Valley during The Bubble, and the rhubarb tart at A Spoonful of Sugar makes me wonder what I am going to do with the rhubarb I bought.

Check out the Plat du Jour Generator. Priceless!

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